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Naval Air Systems Command Notifies Industry About CR, Sequestration

Published: 28 Feb 2013

Naval Air Systems Command is notifying companies about the impact of a yearlong continuing resolution and sequestration-related budget cuts to give industry time to prepare for adjustments, according to a statement issued on Feb. 26.

NAVAIR told the defense industry that aviation maintenance workload would be adjusted in response to budgetary decisions and fleet priorities. Decisions on maintenance events are expected to be made no later than March 4, the statement reads.

"Navy [Fleet Readiness Centers] are preparing to adjust manning in accordance with anticipated reductions in Fleet flying hours and the cancellation of new aircraft and engine inductions starting the first week of April," according to the statement.

If the CR continues for a full year and sequestration is invoked, the following impacts are anticipated: at FRC East in Cherry Point, NC, 118 fewer units (aircraft, engines or components of each) will be built, resulting in a reduction of 221,000 associated work hours.

At FRC Southwest in San Diego, CA, 124 fewer units (aircraft or aircraft components) will be completed with a cut of 478,000 associated work hours.

At FRC Southeast in Jacksonville, FL, 969 fewer units (aircraft, engines or components of each) will be built with a reduction of 309,000 associated work hours.

"As a result of these actions, engine readiness impacts are expected to be seen starting in May, with aircraft readiness impacts following close behind in July," the statement reads. "Impacts will increase exponentially each month the production process is halted or significantly reduced."

These actions may be reversed if Congress passes a fiscal year 2013 defense appropriations bill signed by the president or Congress grants the Navy permission to reprogram funds from investment accounts to its operations and maintenance accounts, the statement adds. -- Lee Hudson


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